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"What your callers hear on hold says EVERYTHING about your business!" sm

Since 1987, Audio Advantage has been creating customized on-hold messages
& music, designed to promote your business and build your company image.

With SayItOnHold programs, our custom scripting, professional voices and licensed background music combine
to reach your callers on hold with a powerful impression of your company, while reinforcing the relationships
with your customers you’ve worked so hard to build.

From manufacturing to wholesale to retail products and services representing virtually every industry nationwide,
we are proud to produce on hold message programs that provide our clients with their own distinctive sound.

Over the years, as technology and our customers’ needs have changed we have added other
services, and have adapted the equipment we offer to help ensure our customers have
the most convenient, efficient and reliable use of the power of on-hold advertising.

And, though we may be a long way from the days of reel-to-reel
editing and analog tapeplayers,

reel to reel

our commitment
to helping our
customers make
the most out
of on-hold time
will never change!

wav file

FYI... we still produce on-hold messages on cassette tape
to accommodate on-hold players equipped with tape-drives !


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