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Welcome NWFA Members!

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Audio Advantage has
been providing NWFA
Members nationwide
with customized
on-hold messages
for over 25 years.

Our SayItOnHold
message programs
will showcase your
wood flooring,
accessories, lumber,
tools, equipment,
installation services
and much more!


Whether you are a dealer, contractor, distributor,
manufacturer, broker, consultant or importer/exporter...


  • advertise your flooring & lumber products
  • showcase your latest installations
  • promote specials, equipment, tools and accessories
  • help keep callers on the line
  • drive traffic to your website and showroom
  • convey your caring attitude toward callers
  • highlight your special manufacturing capabilities
  • introduce new and unique products & services
  • and much more!

Please contact us for complete details on production of wood
flooring hold messages, including script advice & wood flooring
script samples, message on-hold equipment and more.

Let custom wood flooring hold messages by SayItOnHold help you turn "on hold" time into a positive experience for your callers and a profitable one for your company!

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