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Whether your business provides products, services or both, we
recognize the necessity of an effectively written script.

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Your custom script is the "engine" that drives your message on-hold production in the right direction; it's the foundation for creating the image and the impact you desire - and every word of it should reflect your attitude toward callers.

That's why we take the time to understand your company's vision, getting to know both what you're selling, AND who you're selling to.

Script writing is included
in our production service!

You may prefer to write your own scripts, provide us with partially written scripts for final editing, or you may simply have a list of topics you'd like mentioned on-hold; SayItOnHold will be as involved as you want us to be in preparing a custom hold message script that showcases all the best you have to offer!

custom scripts for hold messagesYour scripts can be geared toward helping drive more traffic to your website, encouraging callers to dialogue with your salespeople, entertainment... or all of the above! You set the tone and we will incorporate everything neccesary to help you reach your goals, including: details on your products, services; hours, location & directions, company history & vision statement, website information and more.

But, we also develop your script to reflect your positive attitude toward your customers by including the personal touch that conveys concern for your callers waiting on hold, and your appreciation for their decision to do business with you. We then send the script to you for your final approval before recording.