Message On-Hold


Here are some of the questions we're often asked regarding message on-hold production, equipment, setup, updates, etc.

For questions we haven't covered here, please contact us.

How much does it cost?

Prices for our custom message on-hold productions are ONE-TIME COSTS... NO ONGOING FEES!!

Our single production cost is just $199, and includes:
Fully customized on-hold message production with Custom scripting, Male and/or Female voices,
Licensed background music, Up to 4 minute production length (approx. 500 words)

Before we begin on scripting / production we require a 50% deposit, and we accept company checks or credit/debit card payments via Paypal at


How do we get started?

First we need to determine your phone system's capability for playing message & music on-hold (MOH) productions. Please provide us with basic information on your phone system: mfr, mdl#, and the person in your company or third party responsible for installing and/or programming the system.

If you currently have something playing on-hold or we are creating a new program for an existing format, please provide us with complete details on your equipment. If you (or your system IT) will be uploading a file into your system, please provide us with the exact specifications required for the file format as well.

We will also send you a Script Information Form that will provide us with details on information you would like mentioned in your on-hold messages.


Who writes the script?

The short answer is… We do… if you want us to. Our production service includes custom script writing, and we have written thousands of scripts for a full range of business professions nationwide-- so you can leave it to us!

Some of our clients prefer to write their own scripts, or provide us with partially written scripts, which they ask that we edit for use on-hold.

Of course, once your script is written we will submit it to you for your review and changes. Your final approval of the script is needed before we record your production. We're here to serve you and we will be as involved in the writing process as you want us to be.


What about voices?

We'll also need to know your preference of voices: male voice only, female voice only, or both male and female voices alternating between the messages.

Please note: Extra charges for foreign language, foreign accent, character voices and special effects may be quoted upon request.


What type of background music is available?

We have a variety of music genres to fit the exact "flavor" you're looking for in your message on-hold program. For your convenience you may browse our background music samples pages and select a track. If you prefer, we would be happy to suggest a theme once we get a glimpse of your caller profile and your script content.

You should note that copyright laws prohibit the use of unlicensed music in a commercial (business) environment. For example, you are not allowed to use a song you've heard on the radio without permission from the publisher. Securing the rights for use on-hold can be extremely costly and fines for illegal use can be even higher.

For your peace of mind… Our background music is fully licensed to you for indefinite use with the purchase of your message on-hold production from us. You will never need to worry about copyright infringement or music license fees, etc.


Do you provide equipment for playing the messages?

We offer quality digital on-hold announcers specifically designed for use in on-hold applications. Our units come with a 3-year factory parts and labor warranty and provide clear, reliable broadcast of your information day in and day out.

We also provide audio/on-hold adapters for clients with non-system phones, which require them. (Please visit our equipment page to learn more about playing on-hold messages through KSU-less & non-system telephones.)

If we are formatting your program for your existing player or system, please provide details on the required format. We can format your message on-hold program as an audio CD, mp3, audio cassette tape, etc., but some on-hold announcers utilize a proprietary format and may require additional hardware, software, programming or licensing from the manufacturer.


Who installs the equipment?

Though player installation is often fairly straightforward, because telephone systems come in all shapes, sizes, configurations and complexities, so can installation. If you are simply replacing an audio source you currently have connected to the phone system, it can greatly simplify the installation. However, we recommend that you contact your telephone service provider or a qualified technician.

If you would like us to help determine your installation requirements, contact us and provide us with your phone system's model number, the appropriate contact name within your company and the contact information for the company responsible for maintaining your phone system. We're glad to help!!


Do the messages start from the beginning when someone is placed on hold?

Our standard playback units play your messages in a continuous loop, and whenever callers are placed on-hold they will come into the messages at random (also known as "barge-in"). This ensures your callers will hear more information, especially during periodic calls from the same customers.

For applications requiring an announcement to "trigger" repeat from the beginning with every call placed on-hold, please ask us for more details on available equipment.


Who owns the production(s)?

You do! Free and clear! No residual fees!


How long does the production process take to completion?

Production and delivery of your on-hold messages is usually within 7-10 business days from final approval of your script.


How is the finished production delivered?

Productions are normally delivered as .mp3 file or other specified digital format via e-mail; audio cassette tapes & CDs are delievered via U.S. Mail. Or, ask us about other options.


How do we update the messages?

Updating your on-hold messages & music is easy. Just contact us and let us know what script changes you want to make and we'll put fresh life into your callers' ears!

For your convenience, we offer cost-saving packages of 2, 4, 6, & 12 productions, that allow you to update your messages periodically. Our packages are sold on a "blanket" basis, meaning you can use your update options quarterly, monthly or WHENEVER you're plain good-and-ready, without worrying about a contract expiring.


Can we hear our on-hold message production before it's delivered?

Absolutely! Once you have given final approval on your script, voice and music choice we will be happy to audition your program at your request.

Please note that changes made to the script, voice or music selection after your final approval may result in additional costs.